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Pen and Ink Drawings/Mugs/Maps/Landmarks

A Landmark can be anything from a Public Library to a famous Cypress
Tree in Monterey. Dale has created endless Pen & Ink Renderings of
Landmarks. A few are provided for your viewing. Click on the image for
an expanded view.

Pen and Ink Rendering of California Coastline - Cypress Tree

As you scroll down this page, you will see examples of other Pen & Ink
Renderings done by Dale. These include Maps, Coffee Mugs, Note Cards
and more!

No Limits on What You Can Do with a Pen & Ink!

Scroll down this page and see what Dale has done with: (a) Map of Burlingame;
(b) Coffee Mug; (c) Burlingame Public Library Foundation Brochure; (d) First
Presbyterian Church of Burlingame Annual Report: (e) Cover for San Mateo High
School Student Handbook; (f) and more!

Look at what Dale has done with this Map for Burlingame, the artist's
hometown in Northern California.

Pen and Ink Drawing of Map of Burlingame in California

...and check out how nice a Pen & Ink looks on a Coffee Mug

Pencil Drawing on Mug in California

...here's a sample of a brochure cover for a library foundation

Pencil Drawing on Annual Report

...this is a sample of an Annual Report

Pencil Drawing for Church in California

...Dale provided this high school pen and ink for a high school handbook

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All rights reserved.