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Pen and Ink Renderings
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Dale Perkins_Greenhills Country Club_Pen and Ink

Dale Perkins at Greenhills Country Club showing Pen & Ink Renderings

Pen and Ink Drawing, Sparrow, Bird, with color

Pen and Ink Drawing (with color) of a Sparrow

Pen & Ink Renderings - Pricing

: Prices quoted do not include shipping. Typically the shipping cost within the US is less than $10.00. Please include the zip code to where the Pen & Ink will be delivered and Dale will provide the exact cost.

The Platinum' Pen & Ink - $400.00
This is a Pen and Ink Illustration that includes substantial detail and color. The image size is 8 1/2" x 11" and a 12" x 16" A mat is included. See below for sample

Pen and Ink Drawing, Rendering, House, Color

'The Gold' Pen & Ink - $350.00
This is your typical Pen and Ink Illustration, in black ink only. The image size is 8 1/2" x 11". A mat is included within the price. See below for sample

Pen  and Ink Drawing of Home, Rendering, House

(please see below for more details on pen and ink renderings by Watercolor Artist Dale Perkins.)

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Pen and Ink (new) Menlo Circus Club

Pen and Ink Drawing of Home in Burlingame

Pen and Ink (with Color)

Below this San Mateo Park Pen and Ink is the home under construction

Pen and Ink Drawing of Home in California with Color

Dale's Pen and Ink Rendering as seen in Homes and Land Magazine. Click on the picture below right for an expanded view of Dale's color Pen and Ink Home Drawings. His work is the "colored" Pen and Ink rendering.

See below for pricing options and guidelines for Pen and Ink Drawings

Burlingame Classic Kitchen Tour

2nd Annual Burlingame Classic Kitchen Tour (click for more details)

New Pen and Ink Drawing

Pen and Ink Drawing of Home in California

Click on New Pen & Ink and see a virtual view of Dale's latest Pen & Ink renderings.

The Process
Pen and Ink Drawing of Home in California with color

Click on The Process to see how Dale creates his Pen & Ink. Learn how it can enhance a home by adding color, eliminating telephone poles or other visual distractions.

Pen and Ink Homes
Pen and Ink - Home

Click on Homes for a sampling of the wonderful pen & ink homes that Dale has done. From Colonial to Ranch, Dale has done them all. Notice the colored pen & ink!

Pen and Ink Drawing of California Coastal Scene - Monterey

Click on Landmarks/Maps for a sampling of Pen & Ink Landmarks, Coffee Mugs, Greeting Cards, Maps and More! These will inspire you.

Pen and Ink Drawing of Home in California

Click on References - Not only is Dale a renowned Watercolor Artist - he's also a sought after Pen & Ink artist. Here are some references.

Additional details on Pen and Ink Renderings

Photo Source

Photo's are a necessary ingredient to achieve a quality Pen & Ink Rendering. If a client cannot take them, Dale can take the photos but there is an addition fee of $100. The photo content should include:
- desired view
- details including porch light, window, house siding, arbor, wall, walkway and other architectural ambiences
- explanation of what liberties are allowed (eg; removal of telephone poles, trip/remove trees which detract from home/building ambience.


- Illustrations range from large-scale state of the art illustrations (watercolor or combination of watercolor and Pen and Ink) - to the most cost effective smaller illustrations to meet more limited budgets
- Copies are available at a lower price
- Illustration for homes to be constructed for for add-ons suitable for requirements of city planners/city councils"- A gift of a home sketch is an instant gift of love and appreciation to the owner
- Illustrations can be used on personalized stationery, note cards, mugs, corporate reports and T-shirts. Get creative!

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Please send Watercolors by Dale Perkins an email with the program, Platinum or Gold , you are choosing.

Pen and Ink Drawing of Lighhouse in California

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